Friday, 18 September 2020

3PR Picture news Studies


 3PR Picture News Studies 


This week we had a lesson about British values. Mr Rooke spoke about the living rights for children and how many people have different circumstances and arrangements with living.

We also spoke about the right of UN rights of a child. For example children have the right to access to food, clothing and a safe home. We were educated on the fact that not all UK or people around the world don’t have access to all three or less of these essential needs in order to have quality of life. We also found out that there is support and people can seek help from many charities, local or national. Even the local government can offer support too.


 The last part of the session we looked at a photo and discussed what we could see. we looked at the impact of corona virus pandemic, which caused a lot of strain for the number of people who were without work. This then created a wave in homelessness. We also discussed the impact of this on a personal to national effects of this issue.

Lastly we released the devastating impact of shelter and organisations struggled to meet high demand due to the rise in cases of homelessness.

Next time we will be looking at the how within this subject.

Great Lesson 3PR!
Keep up the great work!

Mr Rooke & Miss Burton

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

An Afternoon on the Tiles

Our pupils have had a smashing time making tile mosaics in their Art lessons.

These Gaudi-inspired creations can produce some lovely results for the pupils to display.

Grout Expectations

At Morris House today, we've been learning some practical skills the pupils can take with them when they leave.  

These hands-on sessions could spark a pupils interest for a college placement or career path.

More photos to follow when the project is complete.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Doddle end of year celebration

It has been another amazing year on Doddle with x4195 pieces of work completed across sixteen different subjects!  Maths and English have seen the highest totals during the year, closely followed by Science.  Five tutor groups have shared our incentive Doddle Champion cup awarded every week in assembly, with 4SK picking up twelve of these!  Well done to everybody for completing work, but a BIG congratulations goes to Alfie for completing the most work in KS4 and the whole school over the year.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer break and we look forward to awarding more prizes in the next school year on Doddle.

Sunday, 19 July 2020

A Fond Farewell to Our 2020 Leavers

This Friday we celebrated the departure of our year 11 boys.  It was the first time most of our boys returned to the school following the COVID-19 lockdown,  a lovely surprise to see so many pupils deciding to return to reflect on their time at the Polygon.  

We all watched a video of the boys' time over the years with most parents, pupils, and especially staff trying to put a brave face on it and not shed a tear or two.

Miss Hendon-John reminisced about each pupil and we handed them their leavers' books with comments from our staff team.

We wish every pupil the very best of luck in their future.

Hopefully, we'll see you one last time at the exam results on the 20th of August.

You will be greatly missed!

Please note: All leavers are going onto college, apprenticeship and work placements.

Click here to see more about our Career Plan on our website

Friday, 17 July 2020

Fresh Produce from Our Allotment for the Society of St. James

As an embedded International Schools Award activity - Food Boxes, it is great to see the Global Learning Programme funded project established in 2018 continuing.  Produce from our allotment is given to a local charity to serve in their soup kitchen, giving our pupils a first-hand experience/insight into how we can help those less fortunate in the local community. 

Please click the link below to see our previous blog about the project: 



...ready to go...

and freshly delivered!

Being local means we can pick and deliver, without a car, within 10 minutes!

To find out more about The Society of St. James and the work they do, Click Here!

Polygon School Table Tennis Tournament

Today at the Polygon we had a very exciting event in table tennis. Pupils and Staff in teams to compete against each other. Well done to everyone who took part! Absolutely outstanding skills from all!

All rounds, except for the final, consisted of just 1 round.

The winner of each game will be the first team to reach 11, with two clear points.

Three games were played in the final match which had a time limit.

The rules of the game:

1. The ref's decision is final (Respect the ref!)

2. The umpires reserve the right to give warnings where necessary

3. Respect your opponent

4. Respect your teammate

5. Push yourself to do your best

6. Lastly, Have fun!


1. Miss Handley Potts and Miss Fornal

2. Mr. T and Mrs. Thomas 

3. Mr. Crook and Miss Long 

4. Mr. Sparrowhawk and Cameron H

5. Mr. Shutt and Miss Wateridge

6. Mr. Penfold and Callum J

7. Fred and Marley L

8. Mr. Harvey and Tyler W

9. Mike and Tyler B 

The event was filled with crowds cheering and shout outs from Miss Price who did the commentator's job very well. It certainly made everyone giggle and get into the event.

The Winners of the tournament

Well done to Callum and Mr. Penfold!