Friday, 19 July 2019

3LB go to SWAC

3LB students have recently been offered an opportunity to go to Southampton Water Activities center
For the past three weeks they have had the chance to  engage in a different activities. 
The weather was on their side and They were able to build a raft, try paddle boarding and went sailing, as well as jump of the pontoon. 
Some were a bit unsure to start with but they all enjoyed themselves and embraced the challenges given to them and had a good time - even when their raft broke while they were out in the river.

Art in 2018-19

In Art this year, we have had many pupils’ complete loads of work to a very high standard. This included pupils who love art but also pupils where Art may not be their favourite subject, but they completed loads and loads of work and work very hard. There were numerous projects that were completed across the year. This included a Sea Project where students would study numerous parts of the Ocean and use it as inspiration to create wonderful artwork. This involves work with mussel shells and iridescent paint, while also numerous drawings of sea creatures (Octopi, Fish, Sharks). While completing these projects, pupils would learn different techniques and use different equipment, thus furthering their Art development. This included using chalks, charcoals, pens, pencils and paints amongst the number of different Art equipment we have and use for Art at the Polygon.

Every pupil that completed work in Art during this year should be very proud of themselves and their work, whether they did a lot of work or little. They would have shown resilience and commitment to completing pieces that may take more than one lesson to complete, and this is something they should be proud of as having resilience and commitment is an important skill in life!  

Wednesday, 17 July 2019


Many thanks to everyone who brought in clothes, bedding, bags or shoes into school for our collection. Especially 3BW who collected the most items from all the tutor groups.
The items will now be sold to importers and wholesalers in many countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia.
Every year UK consumers dispose of 1.13 million tonnes of clothing and shoes. 70% will be reused overseas, but 80,000 tonnes are incinerated and 350,000 tonnes end up in landfill.Thanks to everyone who sent clothes for our collections, we have saved 68 kilos from being incinerated or becoming landfill.

What out for next years collections dates to see if we can recycle even more.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Sports Day!

Today was the first of our two whole school sports mornings. All boys were split into four teams which included all the different age groups. All participating boys did really well in the hot conditions and we saw lots of examples of excellent teamwork and resilience!

Well done boys and staff who also joined in and did their best! We look forward to more of the action tomorrow- lets have another great day, strong performances and I hope you can smash some more school records!

Red team looking ready!

Go Liam!

Marley after the shuttle run challenge!

Andrew going for a big throw

Super performance from you today Jack- Let see more of the same tomorrow!

Mrs White showing them how its done!

Alfie following suit!

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

KS3 Football Match v Coppice Spring

The KS3 Football team lost a closely contested match against Coppice Spring School from Basingstoke 7 - 8.

On a hot afternoon at Milbrook GOALS The Polygon team started well and played some controlled passing football.

Despite some excellent goalkeeping from both Liam and Charlie, Coppice Spring began to dominate and stretched out to a 5 - 2 lead.

However, goals from Ryan. Liam and AJ brought The Polygon right back into the match. With a couple of minutes to play, Liam scored a lovely freekick to put The Polygon into the lead!

Ryan sportingly took himself off after Liam's goal which gave Coppice Spring the chance to get back on top, which they did with two well taken late goals

Despite the loss, all the players were pleased with their performances and are looking forward to the chance to win their next match.

School Diversity Week

Last week the whole school celebrated School Diversity Week
(or as the school council decided to call it Polygon Pride)
As part of our efforts to ensure our school environment is a place where every child can realise their potential, we joined tens of thousands of pupils and teachers taking part in School Diversity Week across the country to celebrate equality in our school and LGBT+ education.

Our school council decided the way in which they would like to celebrate this was a non-school uniform day and a march around the playground. 


Growing up remains unacceptably tough for LGBT+ young people 40% contemplate suicide, 50% self-harm and 96% still hear homophobic remarks. This has a potentially life-long impact on young people’s attainment and well-being. Alongside our anti-bullying and safeguarding policies, taking part in School Diversity Week is an important way of actively supporting LGBT+ young people in our school and demonstrating our commitment to an inclusive school environment where every young person can be themselves and thrive. It is a chance to explain to all our students the importance of diversity in the world we are preparing them for.

Throughout this term we have been teaching relationship and sex education within our PSHE lessons and discrimination in Citizenship which fosters gender equality and LGBT+ and challenges all forms of discrimination. 

Staff have really embraced School Diversity Week and will be sharing their individuals projects on the blog shortly but here is a sneaky photo!

A BIG thank you for all the involvement from pupils and staff and our friends from external agencies including NO Limits! Its fantastic for our pupils to see us all working together!  


Monday, 8 July 2019

Work Experience Reflection - Year 10

Last week I went on work experience as a landscape gardener. We went all over the place even as far as Bournemouth. I learnt to cut grass, strim grass and use a leaf blower.

I had previous experience working at Hillier's so I already had some knowledge. I was interested to see how much money you could get paid for different jobs per hour and it made me think about what I could do for a job when I leave school.

I think work experience is a good idea although I am really tired this week.

Year 10 pupil