Thursday, 11 October 2018

New arrivals at Morris House

New Arrivals

This week, Morris House had some visitors and they are here to stay! Mr Willis and Reece went out to Pets at Home to collect 4 platies to fill our new tank that was kindly donated to us.

 We also took this opportunity for Reece to work towards a communication challenge for his PiXL Edge. Reece chose the fish, spoke to the lady whilst she bagged them up for us and paid at the till.

Meet the new arrivals: Jesse Fin-gard, Danny Whale-beck, Jordan Pike-ford and Prawn Wright-Phillips. All named after England footballers 😃

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

RHS Monster Pumpkin

The results are in! So after measuring the pumpkin's circumferance across three dimensions and adding them all up to estimate the pumpkin's weight, it only came to 10 kg! This meant we came 13th out of the 100 schools that received Monster Pumpkin seeds from the RHS, but we didn't believe it and had to measure it ourselves.

We believe it was nearer 60 kg!

Next steps are to cut out the flesh and make soup for another Big Soup Share and a bit of pumpkin carving for Halloween.

CDT Training

Early one Saturday morning six Polygon staff arrived at school for CDT training.

We have all learnt how to use the tools safely by making shaped wood pushers for the CDT room and are looking forward to making the Christmas table centre pieces.

Thanks to Sarah our trainer for the day and the lovely lunch provided as a reward for coming in on a Saturday.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Doddle Champion - week 4

Week 4:
Congratulations this week go to 4SK for winning our weekly competition for tutor groups and to SR for winning the individual compeition.  In addition, a special mention goes to all of 4AW for completing work this week along with 62% of school.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Engagement Centre: Using Microscopes

Engagement Centre: Using Microscopes

This week, the Engagement Programme started using microscopes in their Science lesson. They took a closer look at lots of different things including tape worms, eggs, insects and fish scales. We then labelled a diagram of a microscopes to learn all the different parts.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Year 7 Powerboating

The year 7 boys had the opportunity to participate in a powerboating session on the Solent today. All boys were great ambassadors for the school and had a fantastic time!

During the session we all had the opportunity to take charge of the wheel and steer the boat at high speed. We were very lucky to have a sunny day and the boys really enjoyed putting themselves in line of the sea spray as we blasted across the waves!

Marley's concentration face!

Tyler and Rio

Roch mastering a tight turn

They were warned they may get wet at the back!

The boys learning about the controls

Engagement Centre visit Southampton FC: We March On Exhibition

Southampton FC: We March On

This week the Engagement Centre visited the Sea City Museum who currently have an exhibition on the history of Southampton Football Club.


The boys particularly enjoyed seeing a replica of the FA Cup trophy that Saints won in 1976. They beat Manchester United 1-0 to win the cup.

The exhibition also had the shirt of Saints legend, Rickie Lambert, when he scored his 100th goal for the club. All his teammates signed the shirt and he loaned it to the exhibition to put on display for all the fans in the City to see.