Monday, 9 July 2018

Polygon Grow Their Own

Summer 2018

Our allotment was in need of a lot of attention at the beginning of this year!


But due to a grant from the Global Learning Programme (Poverty and Sustainability Project), we were able to get help to sort out the beds and re-cover our poly-tunnel.

Our thanks go to Matthew and his team from Newfields Gardening CIC. Due to their hard work over a number of days, our beds where dug over and weeded, the grass between the beds cut, and they even helped clean out our shed.

Not only was the poly-tunnel recovered, once we removed everything that was stored in there, they made new beds so we could start to extend our growing season.

So with lots of watering by everyone in school, weeding by pupils during Eco-club in activities and staff at the weekend, we have produce!

Cucumbers are doing well, and Mrs Brobson will be using these before the end of term during cookery lessons.

Runner beans!

And butternut squash, soup in the Autumn term perhaps?

Sunday, 8 July 2018

ISA - Global Learning Programme Project

Global poverty and social justice

Whilst completing a pupil assessment for our International Schools Award we earnt £500 worth of e-crecits to spend on training through the Global Learning Programme (GLP).  We are planning to use this funding by staff completing the Global Teacher Award - level 1.  We were then offered the chance to apply for further funding and Mrs Ash and Mr Patchell were successful in gaining a grant from the Global Learning Programme.  As part of the Global Learning Programme (GLP) for England, they wanted to provide additional funding to enable GLP schools to continue to develop global learning within their own school, and with other schools and their local community. The project was based on a particular understanding of global learning and development education: the critical examination of global issues and the roles that individuals and communities can play in reducing global poverty, within a framework of social justice.

Our project:
In addition to the embedded global work we already do within our curriculum, we wanted to develop pupils global learning within the local community, combining with other schools in the future.  Specifically, we wanted the pupils to have an understanding of how poverty is not just in our local area, but a global issue and how their actions can help to reduce this.  In turn this will help promote a greater awareness in Southampton schools of poverty and sustainability. Our project will achieve this by giving pupils the opportunity to see first-hand the impact of growing their own produce, the impact of sustainability, building food crates in a DT lesson, a week of poverty on a global scale in Breakfast Club, an assembly and giving the produce to a local shelter - The Society of St James. 

This all culminated with our output at the school fete and handing over our first batch of produce from the allotment to The Society of St James.  As a school we look forward to building on links we have made during this project and expanding it to the wider Southampton commnity during the next academic year.

The Shelter receiving our first patch of produce - rhubarb crumbles

Doddle - Countdown to 6000 Challenge

COUNTDOWN TO 6000 CHALLENGE: getting close!!!
  • As a whole school can you complete x707 pieces of work in x7 weeks for a reward?
  • Total at start of this half term = 5293
  • x124 pieces of work completed over the past
Total left: x68

School fete

School Fete 2018

The school would like to thank all staff, pupils and the school community who helped make this year's fete a big success on the 29th of June.  The hot weather did not spoil everybody enjoying the many stalls being run by pupils on offer.  In total  £228.85 was raised for The Friends of The Polygon.


Friday, 6 July 2018

Readathon - Week 10!

Well done to 3LB for winning the readathon cup on Friday 6th June. 

They read for an average of 54 minutes!

The full results are below:
1st - 3LB - 54 Minutes
2nd - 3HI - 51 minutes
3rd - 3GS - 38 minutes
4th - 4AW - 33 minutes
5th - 3CM - 31 minutes
6th - 4SK - 28 minutes
7th - 4CF - 25 minutes

Ryan has overtaken Jaiden and Oscar and Sean are catching up with Jerome!

Reece and Spencer are leading the way for key stage 4! 

Monday, 2 July 2018

Doddle Countdown to 6000 Challenge

  • As a whole school can you complete x707 pieces of work in x7 weeks for a reward?
  • Total at start of this half term = 5293
  • x279 pieces of work completed over the past two weeks (rollover).
Total left: x192

Monday, 25 June 2018

Power Boating

On Thursday and Friday our boys were lucky enough to be taken power boating by Wetwheels in Hamble.

Oscar and Sean having a go at driving the power boat.  

Jamie and Ryan driving a boat for the first time. 

The boys enjoying the sunshine and the views from Southampton Water. 

Ethan, Dean and Jaiden driving the boat. 

Ryan enjoying driving the power boat and soaking up the sunshine out on deck. 

Reilly, Rhys and Ashly driving the boat. Ashly drove through some big waves which splashed all the boys sitting in the back!