Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Polygon School does Task Master!

Last Friday Mr. Lloyd introduced Polygon School to the classic TV show Task Master. If you haven't seen the show there is a quick previous below.
Staff were given their own challenge by Mr. Lloyd which involved them trying to score as many baskets as possible in 60 seconds. We congratulated Miss. Burton who was creative enough to score 100 baskets in the time by using miniature Basketball hoop and ball.

Mr. Lloyd then explained a challenge to the pupils which included several mini creative tasks which were worth different amounts of points, which went towards group totals. Tutor groups were given 5 minutes to complete the tasks. 
Groups attempting their tasks in assembly
Congratulations to the winning tutor group overall - 4CM, who won the Task Master Certificate and a selection box. We look forward towards the next round of challenges later on in the year!

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