Thursday, 29 June 2017

Key Stage 4 Work Experience!

Key Stage 4 Work Experience 4SK
Tom and Arron have been doing extremely well on their work placements this week. Arron has been gaining experience as a teaching assistant at St Marks primary school in Shirley, while Tom has been working in the IT services department at CAPITA. Both boys have had glowing reports from their supervisors and we are all extremely proud of them. After visiting both boys this morning, I was delighted to find Arron being a super role model to the year 3 and 4 pupils, the children on his table were engaged in learning and all doing their Maths work! Tom has been completing IT solution tasks and has gained experience in all the different IT departments including software installation, customer support and hardware. I know he was excited to visit the server room and I hope we will have some more pictures to post soon! Very well done boys!

Mr Adamson looking extremely professional

Tom looking very smart in his work shirt!:)

Tom Hammond learning about the different IT service desks

A hive of activity at CAPITA

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