Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Our trip to Marwell Zoo

Last week we went to Marwell Zoo as an end of year treat from the Rotary club.
The whole school went on a coach, the weather was lovely and we all had a fantastic day!
Here are a few pictures I took whilst with the Year 7 group.
Enjoying the coach

For some of our boys this was there first time on a coach!

No photos please Miss!

Admiring the penguins

3LL with the lovely Miss Waldram and Mr Betelm

Smile and wave!

Shark attack! We nearly lost Jaiden!

How tall is Liam?

What about JP?

I think Taylor is the tallest!

Liam and Ethan meerkats!

Dean and Taylor meerkats!

Searching for the wallabies

Enjoying our well deserved lunch

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