Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Iceland 2017 - Day 2

Iceland Residential 2017 - Day 2
The group were up bright and early today and we met our driver and tour guide, Karl, who would be with us for the remainder of our trip.
For our first stop of the day we visited the small "greenhouse" town of Hverageroi which is dotted with lupin valleys and hot steam vents. It is here that pupils started their Art homework taking photographs in different perspectives.

From here we drove across the Southern Lowlands to Seljalandfoss, a 60M drop waterfall. This was a former sea cliff which is now inland due to volcanic activity. We were able to walk behind the falls to see the spectacular power of the water up close. We were very happy to have packed our waterproofs at this point!

After we stopped off for lunch we moved over to Eylafyallajokull flood plains. These plains were covered in thick ash after the volcano erupted in 2010. It has only recently cleared but has added nutrients to the soil which make it excellent farming land now. Below you can see the pupils reading the information board on the aftermath of the eruption....we were thankful for English translations!

From here we went to Skogafoss, one of Iceland's most impressive waterfalls, a 60M high curtain of thundering water. You could walk right up to the base of the falls. You can just about make out one of the pupils catching waterfall raindrops.

After a quick turnaround we went to Solheimajokull, "the sun house glacier", which has been slowly retreating since 1900. It was truly a wonder to see this amazing piece of Iceland, even more so as our guide said it could be completely gone within our lifetime.

After a very tiring, but thoroughly enjoyable day, we stayed at Vatnsholt Farm. We had spectacular views of the volcanoes and flood plains.......and a play park, which the pupils made the most of in the late evening sunshine.

Day 3 will take us to Iceland Geysir and Kerid Volcano........

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