Thursday, 20 July 2017

Iceland 2017 - Day 4

Iceland Residential 2017 - Day 4
The last morning of our Icelandic adventure was an early one as today we were off Whale Watching. After we packed our bags and did a room check we departed to Reykjavik harbour.
We explored the harbour looked at the Coastguard and Navy ships then boarded the Elding Whale Watching vessel.

We departed on our 3 hour voyage in hopes of spotting some of the marine animals that lived in the Icelandic seas.

The ship used sonar pings to try and locate whales and dolphins that were close by in the hopes of us seeing them.
A Minke Whale surfaced on a couple of occasions for air but we were to slow too capture a good shot. We were however fortunate enough to be joined by a pod of dolphins for at least 20 minutes. They swam alongside the boat and even did some acrobatics whilst trying to disturb fish for food.

When we departed we visited the Perlan, a glass domed art gallery and performing space, which gave us an excellent last look across Reykjavik.
We took our last bus trip out of Reykjavik to Keflavik Airport where we said a fond farewell to Karl, our driver and guide.
Time to go home. As you can see some were very excited by this prospect!
We got to see some great sights, visit some amazing places and meet some wonderful people.
All of the pupils and staff had a brilliant time.
Thank you to Discover the World for organising our itinerary.
We truly had a wonderful trip.

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