Thursday, 25 January 2018

KS4 Careers BOC Gases Ltd

4SK had the opportunity to visit BOC Gas Ltd. During the trip we were lucky enough to be able to look around the site and have live demonstrations. The day was really informative and we all learnt many new things. The boys were able to use some of their prior knowledge about gases and molecules learnt in science.

The boys were excellent ambassadors for the school, asking relevant questions and showed a real interest. It was good to find out BOC and Esso offer apprenticeships and have excellent graduate training programmes. We look forward to working with BOC more in the future and thank Andy who made the day so interesting.

A tanker being filled with liquid Argon- this is often used between double glazing

The tower compressing gas

Data, Data and more Data!!

Computers measure the efficiency of the plant every two seconds

Server system

Measuring the flow of Oxygen and Nitrogen being pumped underground to the Esso refinary

Liquid Nitrogen boiling in the ambient temperature'

Did you know you could power and engine using Nitrogen?

Who knew liquid Oxygen was actually blue?!


Liquid Oxygen burning on cotton wool

CO2 making water acidic

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