Monday, 5 March 2018

Risoul 2018 part I

Risoul 2018

This year we heading to a new base camp for The Polygon ski trip. We are moving a couple hundred miles south to the French resort of Risoul in search of snow. 


Despite the conditions in Southampton all the boys and staff manage to get to school early on Saturday morning to start their journey. Minibus to Gatwick, then plane to Turin and lastly a coach to Risoul. Finally after 12 hours and a few delays we made it to Risoul. 


All kitted up we met our instructor Olvino to begin our lessons. Olvino having 40 years of ski instructor experience is a master on the slopes. He quickly progressed the boys during the lessons and took the boys to the top of Risoul by the first afternoon.

Our Sunday nights activities involved a treasure hunt round the village of Risoul. The wining team being that of Mr Morley, Lewis and Alfie.


On Monday they boys kept progressing, Olvino pushing them to improve their technique and skills. In the afternoon we did a little bit of off-piste skiing. There was some successes and some fails, but everyone got back up and keep trying.

Here Arron is doing his best to get selected for the next winter Olympics big air competition. We finished Monday we a lovely fish and chips dinner and a movie as a group. 

Stay tuned for more later in the week.

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