Sunday, 10 June 2018

Highlights from last half term were:
 - 4AW won their first and second Doddle Champion title for this academic year
- Four different tutor groups across KS3 and KS4 won the six titles on offer during the last half term
 - Four different pupils won the most points for a pupil during the last half term, with JB 3HI winning three of them.
 - 715 pieces of work where completed by x44 pupils - All of 3GS and        3CM completed work during the half term.        

*Well done to the ten KS4 pupils who earnt a certificate for the Doddle Final Sprint Challange:     

  • As a whole school can you complete x707 pieces of work in x7 weeks for a reward?
  • Total at start of this half term = 5293
  • x38 pieces completed this week
Total left: x669

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