Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Readathon - Week 9!

Well done to 3HI for winning the readathon cup on Friday 8th June. 

They read for an average of 33 minutes!

The full results are below:
1st - 3HI - 33 Minutes
2nd - 3LB - 18 minutes
3rd - 3GS and 4AW - 14 minutes
4th - 3CM - 10 minutes
5th - Morris House - 3 minutes
6th - 4SK and 4CF - 0 minutes

Well done to everyone who has read every week for the full 9 weeks.

Jaiden is still in first place. Ryan is second and Jerome in third. 
Ryan has almost taken first place from Jaiden. 

3GS are working hard to take third place; Sean is now just behind Jerome. 

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