Thursday, 21 October 2021


Morris House Box at Golden Ring 

This half term these two have been working extremely hard down at Golden ring  boxing gym improving their fitness and learning boxing skills. They have both shown great dedication, commitment and discipline whilst working with the coaches and its been lovely to see the progress they are both making . 

Morris House Bush Craft Sessions.

This half term the Morris House boys have enjoyed attending Bush Craft sessions on Thursdays run by Youth Options. 

The boys have learnt how to light fires safely using the correct tools and gathering the right resources which has enabled them to cook a variety of food on a campfire whilst also keeping warm!

Who would have thought you could make homemade fried chicken from scratch on a campfire? It certainly went down as a great hit not only with the boys but with the staff also, that was Miss Prices' lunch and dinner sorted for the day. Not forgetting the home made burgers and variety of sweet treats toasted on the campfire.

Each session the boys enjoy playing games in the great outdoors and working as a team. Group discussions have just begun to explore projects that can be undertaken using wood and tools, some ideas that were spoken about were Spoons, Mullets, curved wooden sticks, Cups and Bowels. We can’t wait to see what the boys create.  


Visitors at The Polygon


Today we were very privileged to be able to have 'Theatre for Life' visit school to perform 'Silent Mind'. The Mayflower Engage and Solent Mind were the producers of this play. 

The play focuses on Mental Health. 

The play was brilliantly put together giving us a direct response of how a certain person in a particular trigger of emotion might respond to certain things in life. 

They also gave us tan understanding of how others surrounded by the emotions and triggers and how they might be feeling due to the impact of a loved one going through this particularly difficult time. There were many strategies mentioned during the performance of how to deal with difficulties during these emotional times.   

The actors got everyone involved in completing a form about what they felt grateful for, which they read out at the end.

  They involved us in practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques while thinking about what makes us feel anxious. They then moved on to think about what makes us happy and to fulfil that thought to over power the negative.

Construction with the MOHO

 Over this half term the boys on the Engagement Programme at Morris House have been taking part in a construction course in Horton Heath. 

Over the 6 weeks they have developed their skills in various areas including: brick laying, tiling and landscaping. If successful in the course, it can lead to a qualification that will help those who complete it with future employment opportunities.

Linkin was rewarded with an engagement session for producing incredible ICT work. He displayed great strategic thinking, and managed to run rings around Miss Wateridge!


Healthy High 5-Teambuilding with 3BR

 As past of the Healthy High 5 award we are working towards, each group does some sort of physical exercise and some mindfulness in an allocated session once a week. 3BR particularly like doing their activities outside where we can take in the nature around us. Here they are doing some teambuilding exercises together-they did very well with this challenge!

The boys are trying to make shapes with yarn

They successfully made a triangle

Miss Wateridge had to help with the rectangle!

A good circle made with teamwork!

Well done boys on your impressive teamwork

Halloween Biscuits with 3AW

 This week in cookery we have made Halloween biscuits. 3AW did some amazing scary monster faces on their biscuits and were very creative-well done boys.