Saturday, 14 March 2020

British Council School Exchange Programme - The Polygon (UK) and Húsaskóli (Iceland) 2020


Day 5: Rounding up of the trip before heading back to the UK.

With our project work completed and our bags packed, we headed to the local geothermal heated pool for one last piece of Iceland relaxation.  We still could not get used to the pools being 26 degrees, having hot pots and steam rooms all outside!
We said our good-byes to Mr Patchell and away we went on our home journey...thank you Iceland!

Have we got everything?

UK at night
The Patchell family putting mattresses away

Pupils thoughts on the School Exchange:
Marley - "The Blue Lagoon was phenomenal and the best bit.  Sleeping on matrresses in a scout hall was not as bad as I thought it was going to be."

Rio - "The school staff and pupils at Húsaskóli were so friendly it is unreal.  We realised the card games we were learning are very similar to the ones we have learnt in the UK but with a different name."

A parent from Húsaskóli:
"Frábært að börnin í 6. bekk fái tækifæri til að æfa enskuna sína á þínu fólki :)  JH var mjög ánægður með daginn. Takk fyrir að skipuleggja þetta svona vel."

Thank you to...

  • All staff at The Polygon and Húsaskóli for making this British Council School Exchange visit possible and such a great success for all.  
  • The British Council School Exchange programme
  • The pupils at The Polygon and Húsaskóli 
  • The Saints Foundation for their gifts
  • The Major of Southampton and Reykjavik and the President of Iceland for their gifts

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