Thursday, 12 March 2020

British Council School Exchange Programme - The Polygon (UK) and Húsaskóli (Iceland) 2020


Day 4:  School Exchange visit day 2 working with 6th grade at Húsaskóli.

With months of preparation the day had arrived for both sets of pupils to meet each other, exchange ideas and present to each other about their own countries.  Smiles, laughter, exchanging information and our pupils learning how schools in Iceland work and are different to the UK.  It was lovely to see the pupils work and play together, finishing off by all tasting traditional Icelandic food.

After recharging the batteries with a bit of sledging, the battle began on the first Polygon Bowling Open.  It was a closely fought game with; strikes, spares, a teacher slipping as part of his bowling routine and a few balls heading down the sides for zero points:)  

How do we bowl Sir?!

A lovely dinner sat around talking before a film and bed!

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